1. Deliveries: How to register

Get up and running in no time - self-register in minutes on your school's ordering portal.

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Before you can start ordering snacks and meals for your children, you must first create your family account, and profiles for each of your children.

This process takes just a few minutes, and requires basic information about you and your child(ren). You will not be able to order a meal if you do not complete registration with the required information.

Please note that you must use this portal for orders at The Winstedt School and Invictus International School: meals.orders.victuscatering.asia

You only need to register a single account to manage multiple child profiles, even if your children are in different schools on the same system.

For example, if you have one child at Invictus International School Dempsey, and another child at The Winstedt School, you can create a single parent account, and create a child profile for each child without logging out.

The MQOrdering system serves The Winstedt School and Invictus International School Dempsey and Centrium campuses.

For parents and students at North London Collegiate School, please refer to the relevant guides for the Styl Solutions system.

1.1 How to register

Head to the ordering portal meals.orders.victuscatering.asia

At the bottom of the sign in module, you will see a button to "Register". Click or tap this to open the registration form.

To register, you will need to input the following information:

  • Parent's Name

  • Login Email

  • Password

  • Student's Name

  • Student's Class

  • Food Allergies (Dairy, Egg and/or Gluten)

Some schools do not assign a specific class to each child until the academic year starts. In this case, please select the relevant "No Class" option for your child.

After the year starts, please request assistance from reception or student services at your child's school if you do not know their class number.

For data privacy and consent reasons, Victus Catering does not hold a record/register of all children at each school or any class lists, and is therefore unable to assist with queries of this nature.

Staff at schools we serve may also enrol for meal deliveries - simply follow the same steps as above, and select the relevant "Staff class".

1.2 Adding more than one child

If you are registering more than one child at the same school, simply click the green "add" button and fill in the details of all of your other children.

You may input your children in any order, and you will be able to order for all children at the same school through one login.

If you have more than one child at the same school, you will only need a single account to manage orders for all of your children.

To add an extra child to your account during the initial registration process, click the green "Add" button and fill out your child's details.

If you have already registered for the system, but wish to add another child to your account, you can edit your personal information at any time. First, simply log in, and click the "Update Account" button.

1.3 Registration complete

When your account is created successfully, you can log in to the system with your user ID and start ordering.

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