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2. Deliveries: How to order and pay

A quick guide to placing snack and meal orders.

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We're here to help you place your first order, and in this helpful guide, we will demonstrate the 3 simple steps required to place an order and pay.

Placing an order for your child's snack and lunch is simple, using the MQOrder online system. Using the system, you can select meals and drinks for a full term, and pay for your items in advance using PayNow or PayPal.

Before your first order, you must self-register an account on your school's portal and create your child's profile:

2.1 Log in

When you log in to MQOrder with your email and password, you will be presented with the Meal Ordering page, a calendar view of upcoming meals and orders.

On mobile devices, your view will be compressed into weeks; on desktop or tablet devices, you will see a full monthly calendar. On mobile, tap on the relevant date to expand the date field.

2.2 Select your items

  1. Click the plus (+) symbol next to each date to open the item selector. You will be presented with all of the snack (recess) and lunch options available for that date.

  2. Simply click (+) to add an item to your basket, or (-) to remove it.

  3. When you are happy with your selection for the day, click "Save Changes" to store your selection.

  4. Continue this process for every date on you wish to place an order.

  5. All unconfirmed orders are displayed in orange text, which means "Pending Payment". When you're ready, move on to the next step.

2.3 Confirm and pay

  1. At the bottom of your screen, select the PayPal or PayNow button, and then click the "Checkout" button.

  2. A popup will open, and you will be taken to a checkout screen and be presented with either a PayPal window, or a PayNow QR code.

  3. Once you have made your payment, the popup window will close, and your order will be processed.

  4. A confirmation screen will display with a summary of all of the items you have just paid for. You should also receive a confirmation by email to the address you signed up with.

  5. Confirmed items will now display in green text in the meal calendar.

We accept the following payment methods:


Transaction Fee

PayNow (via Omise/Opn)

QR code payment through your Singapore bank app


Visa/Mastercard (via PayPal)

Credit or debit card through PayPal

3.2% (+ $0.50 on orders under $40)

We believe that these two methods should cover all users, however if you are unable to make a payment using either method, please contact us using the chat below or email.

Order Cutoff Times

To ensure that you enjoy the maximum flexibility possible when ordering, whilst enabling our teams to prepare your ordered meals to the highest possible standard, we operate the following ordering cutoff times at our schools:


Cutoff Timing

Invictus International School (Dempsey and Centrium Campuses)

The Winstedt School

By 11:59pm two nights before

e.g. To order for Monday, you need to place your order by 11:59pm on Saturday.

Please note that all orders which are unpaid or unconfirmed in the shopping basket by the cutoff time will be deleted at 12:00am on the deadline.

Please note that any order received after the cutoff time is considered an urgent meal order. These orders can only be accommodated depending on availability of meals and subject to our kitchen's capacity.

To avoid any hassle or last-minute panic, we strongly recommend ordering well in advance for a few weeks ahead.

How do my orders get to my child?

Once you confirm and pay for your order, it is stored in our system until the meal date. On the day, our kitchen team will cook your order freshly, and pack it in a food-safe container.

Hot items are packed with other orders for your school in a heat box, which keeps all items above the Singapore food regulation temperature of 60C.

One of our approved drivers will then deliver the box to the campus, where school staff will assist with distributing meals to your child.

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