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2.1. NLCS Junior School: Place an order
2.1. NLCS Junior School: Place an order

All students in the Junior School (PKG, KG1-2, G1-5) must have all items ordered for them.

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Per the NLCS (Singapore) school policy, all Junior School students must have all items ordered for them by their parents or guardians.

What do you offer?

We offer the following options to NLCS (Singapore) Junior School students:

Snacks and Drinks

Every day, we offer a range of packaged and fresh snacks for morning break (around 10am), and for lunch (12pm). Options are varied, and include:

  • Fresh whole fruit

  • Yoghurt pots

  • Freshly baked pastries

  • Small packed snack bags (pretzels, gluten-free popcorn)

We also offer a selection of juices, Milo, and water during both meal sessions, which can be added to every meal order.

You may order as many snacks or drinks as you wish per day, and may order different items for morning break and lunchtime.

Hot Lunch

Junior School students are offered a varied, healthy selection of hot lunch options. Every lunch is prepared fresh in the morning before lunch, and is portioned into appropriate containers just before meal service.

Meal portions are strictly controlled, according to recommended nutritional guidelines for children.

Lunch menus are broken down into four cuisine categories:

  • Young Eaters (PKG, KG1-2, G1-2 only)

    • $6.20 a meal

    • Our Young Eaters menu is a rotational menu of lighter flavours in a smaller portion suited to the youngest eaters. Typically, this option is Western cuisine.

  • Asian

    • $6.80 a meal

    • This menu contains a range of flavours from different Asian cuisines, from Chinese, to Japanese, to South East Asian and Indian.

  • Western

    • $6.80 a meal

    • This menu features all-time favourite Western dishes, including pasta and pizza, and a range of tasty stews.

  • Plant-based Allergen-free

    • $6.80 a meal

    • This menu is varied and tasty, and is prepared with no meat products, no dairy, no eggs, and no gluten.

Place an order

Ordering is simple and can be completed for multiple children quickly.

Click on the "Pre-order" tab or button, and you will arrive on the Pre-ordering screen.

Here, you can do the following:

  • navigate through all available menu options, by day, and by meal session

  • order for multiple days

  • order for all of your children

How to order

Ordering Deadline

We maintain a policy in line with those offered by other caterers and international schools in Singapore, which ensures you have ample time to cancel or amend your order if required, while protecting our kitchen team and resources from risks from last-minute cancellations or sudden last-minute orders.

Orders must be placed via the system by 11:59pm the night before the meal is due to be served. Last-minute urgent meal orders will be entertained on a case-by-case basis. Urgent orders are restricted to hot lunches only, and menu options may be limited based on the availability of items in the kitchen.

  1. Browse the menu by day. On desktop, move along the menu strip by clicking the left or right arrows.

  2. To select an item, simply click the checkbox.

  3. The checkbox will be marked as selected ☑︎ and you can then proceed to the next meal session or day.

  4. To order for another child, click their name (top left on desktop, or top on mobile). Select the name of the child you wish to order for, and the calendar will reload with their orders. You can place a totally different order for each child in your account.

Why can't I just select for the entire term with one click?

To avoid accidental double-ordering and ensure that you do not accidentally select an item your child would not want to eat, you must select options individually for each day.

Allowing bulk selection of orders could lead to situations where your child receives multiple lunches by accident, or does not receive an order at all.

How to pay

To check out, click on Shopping Cart or the trolley symbol (on mobile), and review your order. When you confirm your order, one of the following will happen:

  1. If you have sufficient balance in your e-wallet, the transaction will happen instantly, and your orders will be marked as confirmed.

  2. If you have insufficient balance to cover the transaction, you will be prompted to top up. You must complete this process to check out, or your order will be cancelled.

    1. Click to continue to add balance to your wallet

    2. Choose your amount, and select between PayNow or Stripe (Visa, Mastercard, WeChat Pay).

    3. When your top up is completed, the page will return to your shopping trolley, where your orders will be confirmed.

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